The Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America—Shasta Lodge #2453 has two meetings every month.  The Council Meeting is the first Tuesday of the month and the Elected Officers and Appointed Chairpersons attend this meeting.  They discuss scheduled events, catered parties, finances and expenditures, repairs at the Lodge, and donations.  With the information provided at this meeting, recommendations are made and presented to the general membership at the next regular meeting.

The General Meeting is scheduled for the third Monday of every month with a potluck at 6:15 pm and business conducted at 7:00 pm.  Guest speakers have been invited to make presentations but mainly Lodge business is discussed.  All members are encouraged to attend these meetings and become an active part of the Lodge.


There are many occasions for members to volunteer at the Lodge.  People are always needed to help with catering, clean up around the building, decorating, working on committees, and serving as Officers and Chairpersons.  We welcome all volunteer help but sometimes miss the opportunity to call an available person.  We don’t know if you are willing to help, so please contact the Chairperson of an event or call our President and let that person know you would like to volunteer.